Lyric is the world’s first extended-wear hearing aid.

Lyric hearing aids are worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sold on a subscription basis; when the built-in battery is exhausted, a Lyric-trained provider or hearing professional will fit you with a new device during a simple in-office procedure. Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal, just 4mm from the eardrum, and remains in place while you take part in your regular routine. It is safe to wear during all your normal activities including showering, exercising, sleeping and talking on the phone, and it is completely invisible to others.

How Does Lyric Work?

Lyric works by relying on the outer ear’s natural anatomy to direct sound to the device, which is then amplified and sent to the eardrum. This allows for improved directionality and localization (the ability to tell where sounds are coming from) and sound that is clear and natural. Its deep placement minimizes the occlusion effect and reduces feedback.

The Hearing Aid You Don’t Need to Think About

In every aspect, Lyric is a no-nonsense, hassle-free hearing aid. There are no batteries to replace or programming to worry about and no cleaning or maintenance is required. Replacement visits typically take just 10 minutes. Lyric may not be perfect for everybody. It is best for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. If you are interested in learning more about whether Lyric will work for you, contact Ear, Nose & Throat Associates today for a hearing evaluation.